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Land for Sale in Dubai contact    : Tomson
email :dubaivillaprop@yahoo.com
1) Sheikh Zayed Road, 59,000 sq.ft., opposite Emirates Mall, adjacent to Wellington School.G+50, A.E.D 1950/sqft. freehold from TECOM @2000/sq.ft.
2) Sheikh Zayed Road, 30,000 sq.ft. (300 x 100), adjacent to Shangrila Hotel, with an existing G+4 old building, permission for G+unlimited, @ 9000/sq.ft.
3) Emirates Road, next to global village, empty land, villa permission, 7207 sq.ft. and 5973 sq.ft., A.E.D 165/sq.ft.
4) Barsha 3rd, one villa permission, 9800 sq.ft, A.E.D 450,000/-...(manhaa) 99years long lease.
5) Ajman, 200,000 sq.ft, commercial, emptyland, permission for G+2 building/warehouse, A.E.D 110/sq.ft.
6) Naif Road, 18,067 sq.ft., G+5, commercial, A.E.D. 45,000,000
7) Karama, behind Spinney's, 10,000 sq.ft., G+7, residential, A.E.D. 1650/sq.ft.
8) Karama, corner plot, main road, near Spinney's, 79,000 sq.ft., permission commercial G+20, A.E.D. 2,200/sq.ft.
9) Alnahda 1 Dubai, main road, corner plot, 23,000 sq.ft., permission commercial/residential, B+G+13, A.E.D. 1,500/sq.ft.
10) Bur Dubai, 2899 sq.ft., behind Khaleej center, main road, permission commercial, G+2, A.E.D. 3,600,000
11) Freehold: Ajman, Emirates Road, 5 million sq.ft., permission for residential complex, A.E.D. 25/sq.ft.
12) Al Quoz, 128,000 sq.ft., industrial permission, A.E.D. 15,000,000
13) Al Quoz, 300,000 sq.ft., commercial/warehouse permission, A.E.D. 225/sq.ft.
14) Hamriya, Deira, Dubai, near Dubai Hospital, 33,000 sq.ft., three roads, villa permission, A.E.D 500/sq.ft.
15) Al Ghusais, 700,000 sq.ft., commercial/residential permission, empty land, 2 roads, A.E.D. 750/sq.ft.
16) Sabkha Road, near Al Taj studio, 1546 sq.ft., residential G+2, A.E.D. 1250/sq.ft.
17) Naif Road, 2,500 sq.ft., commercial/residential permission, G+4, A.E.D. 4,500,000
18) Sonapur, permission for labour camp, 60,000 sq.ft., corner plot, empty land, A.E.D. 14,000,000
19) Umm Al Quain, 100,000 sq.ft., main road, commercial/residential permission, G+10, A.E.D. 160/sq.ft.
20) Adjacent to Burj Al Arab, Beach Road, prime location, 6480 sq.ft., villa permission, existing old villa, A.E.D. 5 million
21) Ajman, near Khalifa Hospital, 4800 sq.ft. and 30,000 sq.ft., commercial, G+12, A.E.D. 300/sq.ft.
22) Ajman, in front of Lulu supermarket, 26,000 sq.ft., commercial, G+20, A.E.D. 800/sq.ft.
23) Dubai Terminal 1, main road, G+7, with existing old building, 89,000 sq.ft., A.E.D. 1400/sq.ft.
24) Al Quoz, permission for labour camp, 21,500 sq.ft., with commercial permission, 6 shops, G+2, facing road, two side road, A.E.D. 13,000,000
25) Sonapur, pemission for labour camp, 80,000 sq.ft., G+2., A.E.D. 16,000,000, empty land
26) Freehold: Dubai Marina, plot area 35,203 sq.ft., permissable built up area 315,155 sq.ft., max. height G+34, max. podium G+2, land use residential, A.E.D. 76.5 million all inclusive
27) Al Ghusais, empty land, plot area 28,500 sq.ft., residential permission, G+12, A.E.D. 650/sq.ft.
28) Al Qusais 1, empty land, 28,525 sq.ft., 2 roads, next to Zulekha hospital, permission for B+G+12 (residential), A.E.D. 600/sq.ft.

Land for Lease in Dubai
1) Al Quoz, 40,000 sq.ft., industrial permission, A.E.D. 25/sq.ft. for 15 years